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Mundo Pacifico
NUCH039 / 2018-09-01

Nutek Chill proudly presents the first album by Squazoid and Kick bong
Mundo Pacifico , 9 tunes that explores different faces of the psychedelic
electronic downtempo music while keeping the tribal and acoustic feeling.
Groovy , Dubby , Tribal , Trance, Let the music lift you above the clouds
so you can see how beautiful is our World !
All track written and composed by Jeremy Bringue & Franck Jousselin
Jeremy Bringue : Computer , Synths , Keybords , Sound design
Franck Jousselin : Drums , Percussions , Keybords , Hangdrum
Sebastien Monsellier : Bass Guittare
Rember Duharte : Horns on track 7
Maia : Voice on track 2
Mixed by Cedric champalou & Jeremy bringue
Mastering @ Studio 23 des Lilas
Artwork by Onam | Graphic Design